Monday, November 09, 2009

i don't care if monday's blue...

I'm still feeling a little out-of-sorts but somewhat better. Maybe getting my fight back, who knows. A big, BIG thank-you to those of you who left supportive comments or sent nice emails. I do appreciate it.

How about a list?

A Day in the Life of Seymour, My Pouch:

6:45 am: Chocolate protein made with hot water. A nice hot chocolate to start Seymour's (and my) day.

10:50 am: An ounce of Cabot cheddar, nibbled at my desk before attending the annual benefits open enrollment meeting. A meeting at which cookies were served. Nice move, HR, serving cookies while discussing our HEALTH PLANS of all things. No cookies for me, though. They're bad for Seymour (and me).

1:15 pm: I am probably one of the few people in the whole world that can say this, but I just bought lunch at Whole Foods for less than $5. A piece of chicken (around 4 oz) and a couple tablespoons of quinoa, both from the hot bar. I couldn't finish it so it's now in the fridge at work.

4:00 pm: Half a McIntosh apple and half a Rockin' Roll bar. OMG BEST SNACK DISCOVERY. The Rockin' Roll bar tastes just like a Payday bar, except it's a protein bar with no sugar and lots of, well, protein. Adding in the apple makes it taste like a peanut caramel apple. Nom nom nom...

6:45 pm: The other half of the apple and the other half of the bar, nibbled on the way to Zumba.

8:15 pm: An ounce of Cabot cheddar, on the way home from Zumba.

8:45 pm: Half a cup of turkey chili, with a little cheese on top and some Greek yogurt as a sour cream sub. Soooooo good.

11:45 pm (approximately): There is some homemade mascarpone ice cream that I made yesterday in the freezer with my name on it. Actually, don't tell but I used ricotta. I also added some sugar-free vanilla syrup and some pistachios. A little protein boost before bed.

Fascinating, I know, right? I didn't mention it, but there was also some coffee, water, sugar-free lemonade, diluted Powerade Zero, and hot Wild Sweet Orange tea in Seymour's day as well. Not to mention multivitamins, calcium citrate, iron, probiotics, and special appearances by vitamins D and B12.

And... scene!


Pere Callahan said...

kinda makes me feel like I was there!

Nice to see you might be getting your fight back. I do not imagine you give up on much. Just my image of you, solid, confident, maybe even cocky? Just my 2 cents

MoSup said...

You are amazing, Lesley!