Friday, November 13, 2009

nablopomo fail?

Oh no, not a fail! I totally wrote this on Friday! Blogger was being weird and wouldn't publish. Probably because everyone else was writing their NaBloPoMo and they were all "Ugh, that Lesleygirl again? She can wait!"

My vivid yet strange dreams are continuing. And once again, I feel like sharing. Unfortunately, this time, no sexing with the Batman. I know. I'm as disappointed as you are, believe me.

Two nights ago, I dreamed I was back at Certain Graduate School (hmm... this may qualify as a nightmare!) but I was the age I am now so I guess I had quit my job and gone back there. Apparently, in my dreams I smoke crack. Anyway, I was at the library of Certain Graduate School and someone stole my very snazzy MacBook Pro laptop! I was, of course, crushed but then the former president of Certain Graduate School felt sorry for me and told me he'd buy me a new one, so off we went to the Apple Store. Let's call the former president DT, since those are his initials and all. In my dream this was at the Rosedale Mall, and when we got there we walked by a karaoke bar in the mall and DT insisted that we go in. I can't remember what we sang, but eventually we made our way to the Apple Store where my new laptop was purchased. The main thing I remember about the dream was that DT dropped a truly astonishing number of f-bombs. I never knew he had it in him, really.

Last night's dream was even more exciting because in that dream? Clementine could talk! And I kept thinking "HOLY SHIT, I HAVE A TALKING CAT!" I mean, sometimes she looks like she has something to say and she's quite conversational, but I didn't think she'd ever speak! The things she said to me in my dream were pretty much like the things I imagine she says now. Things like "Human, feed me!" and "Birds! Squirrels! On my turf!" I woke up and alas, she doesn't talk like she did in my dream, but I have to say that with all her kitty noises, it wouldn't surprise me if she figures out some English one of these days. Stay tuned for further developments.

That's all for now. I'm starting to hate the NaBloPoMo.


knittinpreacher said...

so declare it PaNABloPoMO (Pa = Partial) and blog as The Lesley sees fit.

You have my permission!

MoSup said...

Oh, believe me, DT does NOT have it in him. Remember, I was on the Certain Committee with him. Certain Committee had some folks with the colorful language, especially TW. But not DT.