Thursday, November 05, 2009

remember, remember, the fifth of november...

The gunpowder treason and plot!

Actually, I have more reasons than just Guy Fawkes to remember, remember the fifth of November. You see, it was seven years ago today that I first walked through the doors of Startup-dot-org. Seven years, people. That means all my cells have regenerated once in that time, and clearly, I'm no longer the woman I was at the time. To say the least. This day also begins the one month countdown to the Most Sacred Festival of Lesleymas. Please shop accordingly.

Today also marked a big, huge deadline for a big, huge project I'm managing, and from what I gather, everything went well. There are rumors that I have promised to celebrate by skipping around the office and throwing confetti but I can neither confirm nor deny such rumors, except to comment that perhaps such a promise was made when a certain person didn't expect this day to go so well. On a totally unrelated note, do any of you happen to know where one purchases confetti?

Things I Decided Were True Just This Week:

1. If there is in fact a better cheese in this world than Jarlsburg, people, I do NOT need to know about it. I eat at least an ounce of it every day, and lucky for me, the Shoprite sells big chunks of it on the cheap. Last time I was there I noticed that underneath the chunks, they had a whole wheel of it on display. Ooh... I wonder how much for the whole wheel? And where could I store such a quantity of cheese at Chez Lesleygirl?

2. There is no better apple than the McIntosh. I've tried lots of others but found most of them to be either mealy or way too sweet. Give me a crisp, tart McIntosh any day over mealy and sweet. Also, all sweets are back to being completely blech to me.

3. The next time a guy describes his ex as "psycho" I'm going to conclude that he probably says that about all of his exes. And then I'm going to wonder what he did to cause the supposedly psycho behavior. I have my reasons. Let's not get into them now.

4. When there's a big meeting at work involving the entire office, whoever is sitting next to me will be wearing enough cheap and nasty perfume to kill an asthmatic. This asthmatic did survive this week's attack, but it caused me my first wheezing incident in about three months, and after having gone that long without using my rescue inhaler, using it again made my knees shake and my chest pound. Nice, right?

That's enough things that are true. It's been a busy week, as you can imagine.


MoSup said...

#3: I'm tellin' ya, they all describe all of their exes as "psycho." So since pretty much all women (except for one or two that we know who marry their first boyfriends) are someone's ex, we obviously can't all be psycho. It is the stupid way the menfolk cope. Such idiots.

Of course, we conclude our exes are all gay and/or force our current boyfriends to dress up as them for Halloween.

Jenn said...

On a totally unrelated note, that new picture you have is fabulous.

Lesley said...

@MoSup - I just tell myself that they're in Witness Protection and can't contact me ever again. It's amazing how many government informants I've met up with!

@Jenn - Why thank you, my dear!