Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving, people! I'm sure you're wondering what I'm thankful for. Really, how nice of you to ask!

I am thankful for...

- my vastly improved health: no more diabetes, my asthma has improved exponentially, and my Exotic Ovary Disease is resolving.

- that I was able to give up so many of the meds I was taking and will save big bucks on those co-pays!

- that I have a nice gym to go to, and thankful that I am now able to do things like Zumba, Power, and Step.

- my family, who have been very supportive, and supportive friends as well. Love you all!

- the vast array of clothing options I now have!

- that I have a job I enjoy and a home I love with a sweet orange kitty waiting for me.

- that I can walk and walk all day without excruciating back pain -- I can walk all day in NYC, at Universal Orlando, or even the mall without a second thought. I don't have to find a close parking spot, I just park wherever!

- that I chose my surgery for myself, and have chosen to comply with the requirements afterward and put myself and my needs first. It's given me a sense of peace with my body that I haven't had in YEARS.

My list goes on and on, too. This year I am especially aware that I have a great many things to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Snooze said...

Reading that list made me very happy. What a year for you Lesley. It's great.