Sunday, March 07, 2010

happy birthday to YOU! and YOU! and YOU!

(No, it's not my birthday, silly rabbits. That was in December.)

One thing you should know about me is that I come from a pretty cool family. I mean, this sense of humor I've got? Well, I didn't just come by it ex nihilo** you see. One of the more humorous family traditions we have is the singing of "Happy birthday to YOU! And YOU!" I'll explain.

See, my brother-in-law and I have birthdays that are three days apart (NB: in December, approximately 260 shopping days away), as do my father and my middle nephew (during March). A few years ago, when we were having the birthday festivus for my brother-in-law and me, my niece came up with the idea that we needed to alter the birthday song in order to accommodate two guests of honor. She suggested that everyone point to one birthday person then to the other while singing "Happy birthday to YOU and YOU!" She did her cheerleader bestest and gave everyone a demo "First you point to him, then to her, like this!"

As you can imagine, this has been a HUGE hit, and if you're lucky enough to actually know the LesleyFamily, you can imagine just how raucous the singing of this song can become. Well, this weekend we took it to new heights: we sang it for THREE people: my oldest sister (February), along with the usual March birthday boys. It was really something. I kinda wish I had managed to record it. Afterward we speculated about how many additional "and YOU"s we could add, and decided we could add at least 10. Not that we'd ever have to, but you never know. Other families might shy away from such a thing, but not us. And I do believe that the "and YOU" should be mandatory in any and all multiple-birthday situations.

In other news, damn McDonald's with all their damn ads had me craving a Shamrock shake something fierce, but of course I really do not need to ingest all that sugar. Actually, I don't think anyone needs to ingest that amount of sugar, but that's another story. So I did some experimenting and came up with my very own knock-off Shamrock shake, and I actually think it was just as tasty and it packed a big protein punch (I used milk and protein powder as the base) so it was an epic win for me. I also have an inexplicable craving for their Filet-o-Fish but I won't be doing any experimental cooking for that one, because let's face it, the Filet-o-Fish isn't really that good. It's just part of the upbringing of a Catholic in the U.S. that's probably ingrained into my subconscious: it's Friday during Lent... must have bad fish sammich!

In still other news, I have most definitely earned a merit badge this weekend. Perhaps two or three. More on that later, though.

** "out of nothingness" for those of you who don't know Latin and/or did not major in Philosophy


Jenn from WA said...

What exactly is in a Shamrock shake? Little Leprechauns?

Lesley said...

What? Do you not have these in Washington state??? The Shamrock shake is a seasonal offering from McDonald's. It's a green, mint-flavored shake, and it's made of awesome.

knittinpreacher said...

KnittingPreacher has a birthday in, oh, seven days. Should you want to sing to me. I'm just sayin'....

Hooli said...

Stay away from the Wendy's fishwich. Disastrous consequences. Just sayin'.