Tuesday, March 02, 2010

if i hide myself wherever i go, am i ever really there?

I know I say this a lot, but seriously, if you know where that title came from I want to buy you a tasty beverage. And give you a punch in the arm.

This is a most-unusual early morning blog. I feel like I slept for about an hour last night and finally gave up around 4:15. I feel crabby about a great many things right now, however, I also feel grateful for quite a few things.

I forgot to mention this here, but did you happen to know that last Thursday marked 18 months since my surgery? Well, it totally was. Someone told me that 18 months is "the angry phase" and even though I have never bought into any of the "ohhh... this is the (whatever) phase" talk, I'm starting to believe it this time. I think I would also characterize it as the "tired of whiny bullshit phase." But that could just be me.

Lest you think I'm a total crabbypants, I will reveal just a few things I'm grateful for today. Plus, I feel like making a list.

Things That I'm Grateful For And/Or Do Not Suck:
- my kitteh
- my job and even a few of the people I work with (NB: I did not say "all"!)
- my ability to kick ass at the gym
- the monthly lunches out I now have with some high-school friends (had one yesterday, woot!)
- coffee
- music, especially when I can find music that fits my mood
- my friends, especially the ones I am going to visit very very soon!

That's enough grateful for now. I don't want to go all Oprah on your asses.


knittinpreacher said...

sure, stop just short of giving all of us a car. Thanks for that.

Lesley said...

But this means I spared you the trouble of having to pay taxes on your free car! See how generous I am! :)

ravelling said...

Hmm...tired, whiny bullshit phase? Mine seems to have been going on for about 30 years now.

Barenaked Ladies - For You? Mine's a skinny latte please.

Jenn from WA said...

As usual I didn't know the title so I googled. Now I owe iTunes $1.29 for a song I just downloaded...thankyouverymuch! = )