Wednesday, July 07, 2010

letting the days go by, let the water hold me down...

I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday, but I had a couple-a things to say.  So I'm numbered-listing ya's:

1. Today was similarly frustrating as yesterday. I dealt with some batshit crazy at work and it was one of those moments where I almost found myself responding to something ridiculous that was said to me, when my inner voice (conscience? intuition?) stopped me. Seriously. I had a moment of clarity, of "Don't even open your mouth. This is so not about you." And so I listened, and I'll handle this situation in a much more constructive way.

2. I can't take my agita** medicine between now and Monday and OMG, the pain! I can take this other, less-effective medicine but it's not doing the job as well as I'd like. Blerg.

**agita is Italian for heartburn. A much better name for it, I believe.

3. I'm just going to say this -- days like today, when I have a crap day make it hard to stay strong and not call Holden Caulfield.  I didn't actually do it, of course -- no Bad Idea Jeans for this girl -- but I did find myself thinking about it. Blerg again.

4. Speaking of crap day, there was an incident along those lines at home. Not to name names or anything, but it seems someone had left an empty calcium bottle right near the toilet, and when it was flushed a certain kittycat jumped up and knocked it into said toilet. Much to my surprise, the bottle went RIGHT DOWN THE TOILET where it is now lodged. Let's just say that liquid matter will pass down the drain but I'm pretty sure I'd be out of luck if I needed to, um, evacuate the dance floor. I stopped at Lowe's and bought a snake (hey it was 8 bucks so I figured it was worth a shot) but alas, I wasn't able to dislodge the damn bottle, so I have to call maintenance in the morning. The good part is I can totally see the humor in this situation. When I was trying to snake the toilet, Clementine stood on the edge of the tub watching very intently. I turned to look at her and she gave gave me one of her question-mark meows (sounds something like "er?") as if she was asking me if I had fixed it, and at that moment I began to laugh and laugh.

5. After work I swung by Trader Joe's, and once again the cashier felt the need to comment on my purchases. He said "You like turkey jerky? I always thought this was a man food but then I see a lot of women coming here and buying it."  What the hell?  Man food? I thought jerky was gender-neutral. I really had no response for that.

6. I caught part of When Harry Met Sally on the teevee tonight. Ya know that part when she's sitting with her friends having lunch and she's just told them that she split up with Joe, the live-in boyfriend?  And the Carrie Fisher tells her to get back out there because some guy they knew just dropped dead, and Sally is all "You mean I should get married in case some guy's about to drop dead" and then Other Friend says "At least you could say you were married!" You know that part?  Well, 20 years after first seeing this movie, I understand exactly what Other Friend meant by that. Granted, I don't happen to agree with that point of view, but as a single 30-something I now know what she meant.

7. I realize I've complained a lot in the past few days. Overall, though, it's important to know that I'm pretty happy. Although, on top of everything else today, I came home to find a JURY SUMMONS in the mail. I have no idea why the jury system loves me so much. It's taken me five whole years and a move to an entirely different county to get over my previous grand jury experience -- 8 cases a day, every Friday for 16 weeks, all summer long = no effing picnic! But hey, if the most I have to complain about is crazy people at work, calcium bottle down the toilet, painful agita, and maybe not being as over Holden as I'd like to be, well, I'm still pretty freakin' fabulous.

That's seven. That's all.


Snooze said...

That calcium bottle moment was so random. You seem to be taking it in stride though.

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