Friday, July 16, 2010

vacation, all i ever wanted...

Ya know those blogs where the supposed "blogger" doesn't blog for a few days (or few weeks or few months) and then posts again and is all "OMG SORRY I DIDN'T BLOG!"? You know those blogs? Well, this ain't one of them. Where have I been? BUSY. Getting ready to go on vacation is quite a chore now that I've become the project manager of the new slightly-used millennium.  I mean, I didn't even have time for IM this week, which I'm sure is distressing to all my IM friends out there.  Yes, I've been one poor correspondent. I've been too too hard to find. But it doesn't mean you ain't been on my mind...


So now the packing frenzy begins.  I will leave for the airport at 4:00 AM Sunday morning, so there's time. I have a list, and tomorrow I have a few errands to run but nothing I can't handle.  I'm going to wake up early so I don't get too thrown off schedule (i.e., sleeping until 11 would be bad when I need to get to bed early tomorrow night!) then I'll hit Walmart, the bank, CVS, go to the gym (Zumba!!!), home to pack, crate up Clementine for her week at Casa de LesleyParents, have dinner with the fam when I do the kitteh drop-off, then home to sleep.  I am so unbelievably happy that I'm leaving on Sunday, actually. If I were flying out tomorrow morning, I'd be up all night packing and that's just no way to start a trip.

And now, I must sleep. Wanna see where I'm going on Sunday?  It's the Moon Palace!

Jealous?  YOU SHOULD BE.

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Jenn C said...

Dude, that's all I ever freaking say when I blog.


Anyway, have a FABULOUS time. Safe travels, m'dear!