Thursday, February 17, 2011

but tonight i'm loving you...

I had originally planned to write more tonight but well, you see, I had to get a cortisone shot in my right heel today. When I got the shot, the chiropodist told me that there was a good amount of lidocaine in there to kill the pain but when it wore off I'd really feel it. I laughed and said nothing could be worse than when the nerve block wore off after the surgery he did on my foot last year. He said that was true, but it would hurt.  I asked if I could still go to Zumba tonight and he said that probably wouldn't be a good idea, but it was my call.

Well, I was determined to be all "Me Lesley, me handle pain!" but then a few minutes before I was going to leave for Zumba, I noticed an odd twinge in my foot when I walked on it. I felt guilty about it, but I decided that one day off wouldn't kill me.

Fast forward to about an hour ago. The lidocaine is gone. And OMG the pain. I know this will help me but tonight we're not quite at the whole "helping" phase yet.

And so, in other news, right now I'm debating between taking a painkiller or treating myself to some SF hot cocoa with a shot of whipped cream vodka before bed. I do think that the latter option is going to win.

Good night.