Tuesday, February 01, 2011

february the first

January was not the best month I've ever had. It's true. In fact, I'd probably put it in the top ten for Worst Months Ever, and it pains me to say that. My sister L had pointed out to me that she felt a little sad when she saw my early-EARLY January posts, in which I discussed such things as my resolutions to be fabulous and kick ass during 2011 and how excited I was for the new year and then BAM! Suddenly, my writing wasn't so happy. That made me sad, too.

I've had a few weeks to adjust to the news and I've realized quite a few things. One big thing is that there are two sides to a lot of things. For example, being laid off hurt because I get emotionally invested in my work and believed very strongly in the work we were doing. A few weeks later I've realized that, for a variety of reasons, I will be much better off moving on to an organization that appreciates the kind of passion that I bring to the table. This is no small thing. I have been told by quite a few people that I worked with that one of the best things I brought to my projects was my enthusiasm, which was a refreshing change given the tendency of many project managers to be humorless bean-counters. So not only will I take my enthusiasm and passion elsewhere to places where they will be appreciated, I'm also going to bring them with me on job interviews. If I'm sitting down with someone and convinced that I'm the perfect match and the job is already mine, why not show them my Lesley bestest?

To go along with my layoff-as-breakup analogy, this is the point in the breakup in which my friends would be telling me "He didn't deserve you! You were too good for him! There's another job out there that will appreciate how fabulous you are!" and this is also the point at which I'd believe them (because they had, in fact, been saying that for a while), and perhaps after a late-night phone call from Atlantic City telling off the ex, I'd be ready to move on. You know that point? Yeah, that's the point I'm at now. Except without the late night phone calls.

So now I'm moving on to February. Watch out, 2011: it's on!

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Jenn from WA said...

Once the shock of being let go for me (it took all of a day) I saw it as the big cosmic shove I needed to move on...