Friday, February 25, 2011

forget you friday

I'm having way too much fun singing along with that "Forget You" song lately. And not the nice, cleaned-up radio version, either. It's not that I really relate to what he's singing about in the song, I just like singing "I'm like fuck you! And, uh, fuck her, too!" Although perhaps my favorite line is "I've got some news for you: I really hate your ass right now!"

Hey, venting anger is healthy. Don't judge. And don't hate.

My series of doctor appointments took me to the dermatologist today. My dermatologist is pretty awesome. She asked me how much weight I'd lost and when I told her the total she said "You're a rock star!" and gave me a hug. Awww. Then the assistant asked if I was interested in other services they offer like Botox, and Dr. L was all "Look at this girl! Does she look like she needs Botox?" Totally worth the price of the $30 copay, people!

Job search stuff is making me feel a little overwhelmed right now. I'm going to be okay, right? There's something out there for me, isn't there? I just don't want to move into a storage unit with Clementine and Luna. Ugh.

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knittinpreacher said...

You will not have to move into a storage unit! Be more creative than that! Remember the guy who was laid off and lived in hotels off of his frequent flier miles? Or, you could hide in a museum (Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler anyone?). Ya'll will be OK.