Friday, February 11, 2011


Tonight I am tired, just bone-tired, but yet triumphant. I won't have the results for two months, but I am fairly certain that I passed the AFAA group fitness certification that I went for today. And even if I didn't, I feel great that I went for it anyway. I kick ass sometimes, people.

But all that ass-kicking has worn me the hell out. I was out of the house around 6:30, so that I could get to NYC in time to grab some Starbucks, do some last-minute reviewing, and get to the gym where the workshop was held in time. I took my favorite train to the city, the PATH, and there was some SERIOUS security going on in Jersey City. Um, Jersey City? Seriously? It made me wonder what Penn Station must look like right now, but yet also glad that I didn't have to go there, since the PATH took me directly from Jersey City to 23rd Street, not far from the gym I was headed to.

Part of the workshop I went to today was a requirement to get up in front of the whole group and lead some form of exercise. I chose to do cardio, even though I had been told that it would be easier to demonstrate how to work one's triceps. I knew I'd be much more comfortable talking my way through some cardio, making sure to mention such things as how to increase or decrease the intensity, rather than be all "here's how to work that muscle in your arm that's not your bicep!" We were evaluated for such things as how well we could engage participants, smiling, eye contact, etc, so I made sure to start with a big "Hi! I'm Lesley! Let's do some cardio!" and then nicely explained that if participants didn't want to do more than just a simple step-touch the whole time I was cool with that (hey, no judgment here at Lesleygirl Fitness) and then halfway through the routine yelled "Smile! Smiling burns more calories!" Yeah, that last part was cheesy, I will admit. But I'm pretty sure it helped get me some good marks on this section. At least I hope so.

Well, it's time to put my tired ass (that's "glutes" if you want to rock it AFAA-style) to bed. Along with my tired quads, both of whom are oh-so-tired because about 30 other participants in today's workshop did squats as their demo and we all participated in each other's demos. But, squats? Seriously? Who goes out of their way to do squats like that?

Sickies. That's who.  Good night.

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Snooze said...

Congrats for taking this next step!!!