Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wacky wednesday

I'm tired. I think the antibiotic for my sinus infection is making me tired; however, it is also doing its job so I shall not complain.

Why is this Wacky Wednesday?  I will tell you!

1. Luna has learned to flush the toilet. After months of hitting the flapper with her paw to no avail, she has finally succeeded in hitting it with enough force to cause it to flush. I shouldn't be surprised, really. She often tries to help Clementine bury her waste in the litter box, so it's only fair that she'd want to help me, too. Perhaps I should toilet-train her.

2. I went out for a fun lunch with a former coworker today. One of the best things about being unemployed is that people want to buy me lunch, and I have no objections to that!  I also stopped by the office and spent some time chatting with my favorite former project team. My Belorussian Work Brother is still hoping that I will return to working for Startup-dot-org but I hope he's not holding his breath on that one. I don't see them offering me anything and even if they did, I'm not sure I'd take it.

3. Creepy Former Coworker (who I don't think I've said 5 words to ever, before today) saw me and came over to say hello. He informed me that right now is a bad time to be out of work. Oh really? I hadn't noticed. Is there ever a good time for it? Let me know!

4. I think other people are way more worried about my lack of job right now than I am. Worry won't get me anywhere and so I refuse to worry. My absolute, drop-dead, gotta-have-a-job date is almost two years away, so really, why fret?

5. Although I do refuse to worry and fret, deep down I know that I'm still depressed about things. I suppose this is normal -- a situational depression, something that anyone would go through right now -- but I do have a long history with depression to various degrees so that in itself does worry me. Honestly, I'm not sure what I need to do. I'm adding this to this week's project list.

Meh. That's enough for now. Good night.


knittinpreacher said...

do you have any kind of mental health insurance? I know a great therapist in Philly I can refer you to -- even if you just need a place to get started.

Lesley said...

Oh of course -- I have full coverage paid up through October.