Sunday, February 06, 2011

while we're on the subject could we change the subject now?

How about seven for Sunday? Sure!

1.  Today was a nice, lazy day, which was so what I needed. I must admit that I'm a little sore after yesterday's Zumba master class. The venue was an indoor basketball court with a cement floor, which was definitely way harsher than the nice, comfortable floating floor I'm used to at my gyms. My shins both hurt today, as do my feet. However, it was all TOTALLY WORTH IT. I am most definitely feeling the Zumba love after this weekend.

2. The after-party after the master class was perhaps even better than the master class itself. We did a lot of sharing choreography and dancing, plus there was shrimp, hummus & pita, chips & salsa & seven-layer dip, and WINE. I think we're onto something with gatherings like this.

3. Tomorrow is (supposedly) the day my iPhone will be delivered, barring any unforeseen withholding from either Verizon or UPS. I'm trying my best to be patient, I really am. I wanted to go to the gym early tomorrow, but since this package requires a signature, I'm going to stay home and wait until 10:30 for it. I should have had it sent to Casa de LesleyParents or my sister's office or something. It's times like this I miss the hell out of having an office to get stuff delivered to.

4. On Friday, I'm going into the big city to get certified for AFAA, the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America. Then I'll be totally official, since I'll have a cert for teaching group fitness, and possible Zumba employers won't have to worry that I'm going to kill people. This week I need to hit the books so I'm fully prepared but I'm feeling pretty confident about it. Also, add this to the ever-growing list of Things I Thought I Would Never, EVER Do.

5. If you want to visit my blog, hey, that's cool, that's why it's out here on the great big internet:  so that the internet as a whole can enjoy! But if you want to visit my blog, steal MY RECIPE, and act like it's something you thought of on your own? Not cool. Give credit where credit is due. Wonder Woman is not impressed. Nor am I.

6. I am continually amazed at how Luna-kitten can be such a cuddly little love and yet such a little shit. She's developed a little habit of going onto the coffee table and trying to knock things over. Most things are too heavy for a wee kitten, but today she managed to knock over an empty glass which broke when it hit the carpet, so my previously-scheduled Couch Day was slightly interrupted by some necessary vacuuming. I stashed Luna in the bathroom so she wouldn't try to walk on the broken glass, and of course Clementine has the good sense to hide as soon as she sees the Dyson emerge from the closet. Do any of you cat people have advice on how to get a kitten to calm the hell down? Or do I need to just wait it out until she's about a year old?

7. LesleyMom has informed me that iron-deficiency anemia was at one time known as "tired blood." Since I do have a love for the retro, I have decided that I need to now use this term. I'll even use it in a sentence: "I'm doing okay, in spite of having tired blood and being on the dole." I may need to find a way to work "vouchsafe" into this sentence as well. I'll get back to you on that, though.

Good night, people.

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Sairy said...

eh Luna will eventually calm down. Just need to give her time :)