Wednesday, March 23, 2011

only girl in the world...

Last night I managed to sleep for about five hours IN A ROW and this has done a lot to improve my outlook. WIN.

 I spent a lot of the day doing some organizing and cleaning and had a nice sense of accomplishment afterward. I also met LesleyMom at the gym for a Groove class (a non-Zumba dance fitness class), came home and continued my cleaning jag, then went and picked up some take-out for dinner. I was rather surprised that I had to clean some snow and ice off my car in order to pick up said dinner. It's March 23rd and we have snow and ice? Whose idea was this?

In other news... meh. I don't feel like writing about other news just yet. Soon.


2sheepinthecity said...

Congratulations, Zumba fitness instructor! If I still lived in NJ, I would take your class. Anyone can train a Barbie Doll, but it takes a special person to train a chubby middle aged woman with two hip replacements.

You validate me with every blog. Thank you!!!!

Jenn from WA said...

Do you ever wonder how you did all this AND have a full time job? When my mom retired she said she felt like she was doing the same amount of stuff, but was always busy. She wondered how she could have a full time job, two kids to raise, and do all this stuff!