Thursday, March 03, 2011

three for thursday the third

1. The good thing about my cats being not too far apart in age is that they play together quite well. Even though Clementine is 2, she's still kittenish enough that she and Luna play together like littermates. In fact, when Luna first came to live with us, it was pretty funny to watch because she was a tiny four-week-old kitten and Clementine looked like a Bengal tiger next to her, yet they played quite nicely together, as they continue to do now. However, sometimes Clementine decides that she's had just about enough playtime with Luna so she'll stop what she's doing, hiss loudly, and sometimes even give Luna a tap on the head with her paw. I really wish that I could employ this technique in my everyday life. In fact I'm working on my hissing right now.

2. I have made approximately eleventy hundred phone calls to doctor offices this week for things like documentation and letters of medical necessity.  That's even more fun than it sounds. And a little exhausting, too.

3. I will be the first to admit that my patience for the stupid is at an historical low right now. The odd thing is that I'm definitely feeling more like myself these days and yet my patience for the stupid and for drama is still pretty much nonexistent. I'm thinking this is not such a bad thing.

Okay, that's three (3). That's all for now. Don't make me hiss at you.

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Susan said...

I envy you having kitties that play together, although I'm happy that mine can at least co-exist now.