Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i feel the earth move under my feet...

So we had an earthquake today. An earthquake in New Jersey? Yeah, it was pretty much the last thing I expected.

I was up early today to do my work-related things. After that, I drove to the gym for Zumba, then chatted with LesleyMom for a while (she has a new iPhone so we were having some iPhone 101 time). During Zumba, I could see the TVs in the treadmill area that were on CNN and all I could see was a city burning on there. Between songs I moved closer to the TVs to see what was going on (since of course my first thought was "I hope that's not New York!") but it was Tripoli. Later, while I was chatting with LesleyMom, out of the corner of my eye I saw the local news reporting on something that had happened at my bank -- apparently there was a holdup there and several people were taken to the hospital after being shot. I was running low on cash after having been out Monday night, and was planning on stopping at said bank on my way home. Needless to say, I did not go. And I was feeling a little freaked out!

After the gym, I came home, ate a little lunch, and was answering a few emails. As I was sitting on the couch, I had a weird feeling like there was something in the couch that was pushing me. My whole house rattled and felt like it was on a train or roller coaster. Clementine was on the porch and right before the rattling started I saw her jump up, get into position like she was ready to attack, and hiss loudly. Luna ran over to me and tried to hide under my shirt. When the rumbling had passed, I yelled outside to the maintenance guys to ask what was going on and why they were making my house move. They looked at me like I was crazy. And then I heard my text alert. Two words: "OMG EARTHQUAKE!" I put on the TV for a few minutes, found out what was going on, and then turned off the set, since the coverage was pretty boring, I didn't want another reason to freak out, and also I didn't want to hear any wingnut theories about how Obama is to blame for this earthquake.

I gave serious consideration to throwing myself a very early cocktail hour, but I refrained since such things are generally frowned upon. Instead, I waited until dinner and had a nice glass of Malbeck. Quite refreshing.

So after all of that excitement, I'm feeling less freaked out. I felt the earthquake, but I certainly hope never to feel one again. And no, I won't be moving to California any time soon.

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Snooze said...

Even people in Toronto felt it. But not me.