Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wednesday wee list

1. I played way too much Monopoly on the iPad today. Although it makes me look forward to my upcoming vacay with the fam, because then I can use it to play some human opponents. Also, on vacay we have cocktails.

2. I went to get a pedicure earlier today and I'll admit I wasn't paying close attention because I was reading The Help, and if you've read it, then you know what an engrossing book it is. However, after I came home and took off my sandals, I realized that the pinky toe on my left foot was left naked! The who and the what now?!! Since they didn't give me a 10% discount, then I expect all ten toes to be painted, so I'll be going back tomorrow to rectify this situation. I hope I can remember which color I picked. Those OPI colors have some funny names.

3. I also had my eyebrows done. Sassy.

4. This will be the fourth and final item on this wee list. I need to get some rest because I have to wake up early for my latest and greatest round of thyroid-related bloodwork. Just in case anyone was wondering, this whole thyroid condition thing pretty much blows. The symptoms I'm having right now are unfortunate, to say the least. I'm not happy about this at all.

Well on that happy note, good night!

1 comment:

Freak Magnet said...

HOW DO YOU MISS A TOE IN A PEDICURE?!?! Seriously. They put THREE COATS of polish on, so that means they missed the SAME toe THREE TIMES. I think your pedicurist was smoking crack.

That's going to disturb me for the rest of the day.