Wednesday, January 09, 2013

one more sleep?

It's only one more sleep if I actually sleep. Which is unlikely. I really should factor these things in when I count how many sleeps until a big event.

Tonight, I ran around to get myself ready, had a few things blow up, and ended up putting a curse on CVS. Yes, I did. If you have your prescriptions with them, you really should move them now. I mean, I put a curse on Borders books a few years ago, and where are they now? EXACTLY!

In other news, here's a random sample from my day:

1. Paper cuts and hand sanitizer DO. NOT. MIX. That hurt.

2. I had a free drink at Starbucks so I opted for a triple grande cafe breve with two pumps of sugar free vanilla. Did you get all that? It's basically a triple espresso with steamed half & half and two pumps of the sugar free vanilla. It was just as delicious as it sounds, and almost six bucks, so hey! I got my money's worth with my free drink! However, the extra shot may have been a bit much as afterward I was a little headachey and my chest was pounding for a few minutes there.

3. Snazzy New Job truly lives up to its name. I was really touched by how many of my new-ish coworkers wished me well today, and a few who live close to Casa de LesleyParents even offered to help, should I need anything. Awww, I love you, Snazzy New Job! You're my employment soulmate!

4. Have I mentioned how I ready I am for tomorrow's surgery? Because I am! I will post an update here when I'm able. And of course on Facebook, too.

Good night, my lovelies. Please send good thoughts, prayers, and swinging chickens!

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