Wednesday, January 30, 2013

too tired

Guess what? Going back to work after surgery is very, very tiring. Monday was very hard, and Tuesday and today were a little easier, so I guess every day will get a little better. I'm glad that the week is more than half over, though. Go me!

I saw my surgeon yesterday for a follow-up. He said I'm still healing well, and that it'll be three or four weeks until I'm all healed up and able to go back to the gym. I have one spot that's taking a while to heal, but most of my incisions look great, and some are already fading. He asked if I have any complaints and I said only that I can no longer stash my iPhone in my bra. I mean, really, my bra used to function as my other purse, and now it's gone! I'll adjust, though. It's a small price to pay.

In other news, I'm actually writing this at around 9:30, and so now I need to get my tired ass ready for bed. Good night, darlings.

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