Tuesday, January 08, 2013

two more sleeps

Well, it'll be two more sleeps if I'm able to sleep tomorrow night, which is iffy at best.

I'm very excited for Thursday. I know I said this yesterday but it's really just starting to sink in now that this is happening. Believe me, I am the last person I thought would even want this kind of surgery, but now I've accepted that it's part of the process, and that with how hard I've worked, I deserve this final step.

What I'm having a harder time accepting is the resentment I'm getting from a few others. When I first started to lose the weight, there were people who treated me differently and not all of it was good. Sometimes I wondered what I could do to fix things, and ultimately, it turned out there was nothing I could do. This time, I know that for sure. If anyone feels resentful because of my success, then it really has nothing to do with me and there's no way I could possibly fix things. I have worked really hard, not only to lose the weight but to keep it off, and I'm proud of that accomplishment.

Tonight I went to what will be my last Zumba class for approximately six to eight weeks and afterward my Zumba friends were nice enough to take me out for a beer and some snacks. I'm sad about having to miss Zumba and not seeing my gym friends for a while, but I know the end result will be worth it. As I was dancing, jumping, and shaking it like a Polaroid picture, I was thinking about how much easier this will be for me to do very soon. And then who knows what will happen. They'll be peeling me off the ceiling!

That's all for now. Sleepytime!

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Jenn from WA said...

I love the attitude you've got. Its been a long road for you, and I'm so inpsired by all you've done. You're awesome...as if you don't already know that. Can't wait to see the new and improved Lesley...