Wednesday, March 20, 2013

dis and dat

I would number this list but numbers? That's been done. I'mma blog this freestyle!

So, I'm not bragging or anything, but I'm really, really happy about how I've been able to get back into my usual gym routine once again. In fact, I'm really quite proud of myself for this. It may be unseemly for me to feel that way and even say it out loud, but oh well. I can live with that.

Now that I'm more recovered from my surgery, I realize that my posture has drastically improved now that the Pointer Sisters have been reduced by so much. I know I've said before that I didn't realize how bad my neck and back pain was, but I also didn't realize how bad my posture was. So another motivation I have to work out is that I want to get some good strong muscles in my back and shoulders. I'm increasing my strength training to this end. I lift things up and put them down.

I'm at Snazzy New Job as a contractor through the end of June, and recently a permanent job has opened up on my team. I am, of course, applying for this job, and I would be the logical choice for it since I've been doing this job for six months and have a lot of the knowledge that the person who is leaving has, but I still have to apply and interview like everyone else. Being that this is both an academic and a non-profit institution, I expect that the hiring process will be rather slow, but I would appreciate your good thoughts, prayers, and swinging chickens here. Having a permanent, full-time employee gig would be a huge, HUGE weight off me. It would be nice to have little luxuries like paid holidays and time off once again, and not have to pay ridiculous sums out of my own pocket for Cobra anymore.

I went after work today and did a little shopping. I need new everything. EVERYTHING. If you'd like to contribute to the United Lesley Needs Clothes Fund, let me know.

That's all for now. Sleep well, loves.

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