Sunday, April 14, 2013

weekend wrap up, by the numbers

Tax returns completed and filed: Three (3). As in federal, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Booyah.

Cups of tea consumed: 12. Most were decaf. Now that I'm a grown-up Lesleygirl, I just can't handle the caffeine at night but I hated the taste of decaf tea. Well, it turns out that Trader Joe's makes an excellent decaf Irish breakfast tea. Way better than Twinings. This is why Trader Joe is so my boyfriend. 
Zumba classes attended: Two. One of them featured a brand-new sparkly skirt from yours truly. I tried to post a picture of said skirt to Facebook, but the picture didn't do it justice. I asked if it was acceptable attire for a quick trip to Wegman's, and someone cracked wise about how people go to Walmart in worse attire. Comparing me to people of Walmart? That's the sort of thing that will get your ass unfriended. Immediately and without regret, ya'll. And besides, I looked completely cute in that skirt. But I deleted the picture. Walmart, my ass.
Grams of protein consumed: NOT ENOUGH. I'm usually good about maintaining my normal routine over the weekend, but this weekend was a fail. I didn't feel like eating, so I didn't. And my water consumption wasn't great, either. Monday will be a day of protein and hydration.
Shore vacations booked: One (1). More like a mini-break than a full-fledged vacation, but hey, I'M EXCITED! 
Jogs: One (1). I had not been out for a run since my surgery so Saturday morning, I put on my new purple running kicks, and a purple under armour shirt, and hit the road. I didn't feel up to jogging my usual three mile route, so I did walking/running intervals. It was easier than I expected. TMI alert: I'm still getting some pain in the incisions in my groin creases, which is even less fun than it sounds. I snickered the first few times I heard the term "groin crease" but now I'm used to it. All part of the oh-so-dignified reconstructive surgery process. In fact, it's right up there with having your surgeon flick your nipples and ask "Did you feel that?" 
Dresses purchased: Zero (0). I'm going to a wedding on Friday and since I'm going as an "and guest" I figure I should look snazzy. One brief shopping trip on Saturday produced nothing. I will try again tomorrow. If I don't find anything I love, though, I'll just wear what I wore to my cousin's wedding a few months ago. It's a pretty color and looks nice on me, but I'm not crazy about the length. It's mid-calf, and I'd prefer it a little shorter, so as to show off my killer Zumba legs. Yes, this is my thought process when it comes to purchasing fancy occasion wear.

That's enough numbers. I need sleep. I have a few blogposts brewing in my pretty little head, but they're not ready for public consumption just yet. Soon, my pretties.

Good night, and peace out, girl scouts.

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Jenn from WA said...

I'm glad I was one of the few who saw the snazzy new skirt. I thought you looked cute and just fine for said trip.