Wednesday, August 14, 2013

oh where, oh where has that lesleygirl gone?

Oh where, oh where can she be?

I was waiting for my blogging mojo to return, which it has. Yes, I'm excited. I know, right? Me too.

Part of what has given me back my will to blog is that I've been going back and reading my blogs from August 2008. Why? Because on the 25th of this month, it will be FIVE YEARS since I had weight-loss surgery and started my Amazing Journey to good health. Yes, five years. Can you believe that? I love that I was blogging every day then and I can go back and read about what I was thinking and feeling -- and of course, since I was the one writing it, I know the things that I was not saying out loud, too.

I feel very emotional when I think about how this will soon be five years. I'm not blowing my own horn here, but I am quite proud of myself for what I have done. And I'm thinking of some way I can commemorate this occasion, like with something sparkly and pretty, perhaps. Suggestions are welcome.

More soon. Promise.

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