Monday, September 30, 2013

moody monday

Well, I'm not moody. I'm perfectly cheerful. I just needed a title, you know.

So, hey, how about three things? Yay!

1. Tonight I learned that even five years post-surgery, I still have trouble eating chicken breast. I didn't feel like cooking dinner so I picked up a rotisserie chicken at the Acme on my way home from tonight's pants-buying expedition. It was delicious, and then? It got stuck. But ya know, I needed those two hours of lying on the couch cursing any and all poultry boobs that ever existed. I feel much better now.

2. My pants-buying expedition was successful. I had to embark on said expedition because all, and by that I mean ALL, of my long pants from last winter are too big. Again. I was able to find petite pants in my size, which is cool because I can actually just wear them without having to get them shortened. That's a first for me. I ended up with two pairs of jeans and two pairs of dress pants. Not too shabby. One of the pairs of jeans has to be altered, though. They didn't have petite in my size in that particular style, and after I tried them on and saw how they hugged my curves and how completely cute I looked in them, I decided it would be well worth the price of a trip to the tailors to look that cute.

3. I am pretty sure that the pants-buying will soon be followed by shirt-buying. I have a few weeks to get that figured out, though, and have already enlisted the help of LesleyMom. Most people in my current office dress like schleps (yes, even more schlep-ish than any previous office of mine!) which has somehow inspired me to dress more nicely. Of course, I'm hoping that current office won't be my office much longer. Maybe this is something I should address during interviews, when they get to the awkward part with "So Lesley, do you have any questions for us?" "Yes, actually I do. How does everyone dress around here? Will I look odd because I do things like put on a little makeup in the morning?" These are important questions, you know.

And that's three. Good night.

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Jenn from WA said...

Working at Hotel Californiasoft I'm constantly surrounded by folks that dress extremely casual. I decided once I became a PMP that I was indeed a professional and should dress like one. My current team seems to be cut from the same cloth. They all dress to impress and I can't help but feel like I take them way more seriously.

Love to hear you're buying new clothing. That's so exciting.