Tuesday, June 10, 2014

tell me more, tell me more...

So after the shitstorm of a day that I've had, I have very little energy left for the tellin' to yas.

In other news, the shitstorm was followed by a trip to the gym for Zumba, which shockingly did not improve my mood at all, as I had to deal with drama. And I hate drama! I was so annoyed that I skipped the cooldown (and as a certified group fitness instructor, I know that's a huge no-no) and said "fuck it, I'm going to Wegman's!" with the idea that I'd treat myself to a very nice piece of fish for dinner, as well as pick up a few groceries. So get this -- I go into the Wegman's entrance that I normally don't use that goes right into the cafe part. Just past the cafe part is the fish counter, and who was standing at said fish counter buying bay scallops? The LesleyMom! I was so happy to see her I almost cried. It's crazy because when I left the gym I had thought about stopping at my parents' house because I needed someone to talk to but I knew she wasn't home, so I didn't go. And I would not expect to see my mom in Weggie's, especially since that's not her usual grocery, so it was quite a pleasant surprise. So we pushed our carts around the store together and I told her my troubles and we had a good talk. It really was just what I needed after the day I'd had. She had stopped there on her way home after visiting the Christian Brothers' nursing home where my uncle had spent his final weeks. So who knows, maybe my Uncle Donnie gave her a nudge. "Go to Wegman's, Big Laura. Lesleygirl needs you."

Also, when I came home tonight, one of my snazzy purple North Face gloves had somehow made its way from the top shelf in my walk-in closet to the bathtub. I'm guessing this is the work of either a poltergeist or a Luna-cat. Either one.

And now you must excuse me, as I've got an epsom salt bath to take. Good night, kittens.


Jenn from WA said...

Sorry you had a bad day, but the LesleyMom was a great way of reminding you that sometimes just turning the corner and everything changes.

As for theh poltergeist...I have one too...weird.

Lesley said...

Do you just have the one poltergeist? I find it interesting that only Luna does these antics, and Clementine is content to refrain from moving my stuff around.

Thanks, and I think you're right about the turning the corner. I am feeling much better today.